MMT Inc, an Alaskan company was established in 2011 in Anchorage, Alaska. MMT builds and manufactures custom machines, the AlumaPro Rescue Watercraft built for Search and Rescue, AlumaSki recreational watercraft, and AlumaCon. Everything is custom built, handmade, and manufactured in Alaska.

MacKinnon Marine Technologies (MMT) was developed in 2011 with the dream and inspiration of creating an aluminum power watercraft built tough to explore Alaska!

Our first model, AlumaSki, was built for the recreationalist looking to go fishing, hunting, and exploring especially in remote locations. Customers use AlumaSki in a variety of applications including leisure, transportation, and search and rescue throughout Alaska and on the East Coast.

In 2015, we were contacted by multiple agencies including Fire Departments, Police, and Search and Rescue about using our machines for various applications. Due to the high demand we turned our focus and role in developing the Ultimate Search and Rescue watercraft built for Swift Water, Shallow Water, Flood and Debris Water, ​and Tidal Water capable of Multiple Victim Transport.

Working with a variety of professionals (Search and Rescue, Fire Fighters, EMT’s, Police, etc) we began developing and engineering the AlumaPro Rescue Watercaft with functions and features necessary to help in making the rescue safer. From having an integrated dash (GPS, Electronics, Navigation Lights, etc), lowered rear deck with a three point harness attachment for a rescue board, grab handles, a front bumper, to navigation lights to run at night for emergencies.  We even worked with agencies during rescue missions to get feedback on our demo units to fine tune our watercraft to the rescuers specific needs.

In 2017 we developed our new model, AlumaCon which stands for Aluma Conversion where we can take your existing PWC to build and AlumaSki or AlumaPro by re-purposing agencies assets and the recretaionalist used pwc. This gives the ability for both agencies and individuals a method to re-use their existing equipment and not throw away what they have already invested in.

MMT is a local Alaskan company that believes in being innovative and building the ultimate search and rescue watercraft machine. We take pride in building a product developed and built in the USA and made in Alaska.

​We are proud to be made in America providing local jobs for design fabrication, marketing, and customer support.

  • 7810 King St. Anchorage AK
  • 855.291.8588
  • Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm